SOPHIN nail polish

SOPHIN offers nail polishes of the highest professional quality!
SOPHIN, however, does not stop here. Our team of experts works on development of new and exclusive polish textures. Being committed to the most advanced style and fashion trends SOPHIN has created a magnificent collection of polishes where every woman will find a reflection of her personality and imagination. The color, the quality and the safety of the products is the cornerstone of our work.


Nail products

Creating the best polish colors of excellent quality, SOPHIN always thinks about nail safety. Healthy nails are essential for a beautiful manicure. SOPHIN has developed a set of diverse new generation products for nourishing and protection of the nail plate, giving it shine, securing the polish and making it dry faster. All our products are easily used to create great manicure at home. SOPHIN is doing everything possible to preserve the health of your nails.


SOPHIN guarantees

Selection of the finest grade of raw materials according to SOPHIN Standard Highest purity levels of raw materials.
In-lab formulation control according to SOPHIN Standard Manufactured in a non-contaminated, officially licensed site BIG5FREE Formula / NON-TOXIC: formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, DPB and paraben. Not tested on animals and no animal-derived ingredients.


The birth of color

SOPHIN is an expert in the field of professional nail design and care. We know everything there is to know about nails. Creating our products we respond to all questions about nail polishes and offer nail care tips.
SOPHIN sets the quality standard for nail polish. The world of fashion magazines, the international fashion industry and the inexhaustible world of color created by designers and stylists – all these are sources of inspiration for creation of new fashionable colors. Ability to feel and experience the modern trends in the beauty industry allows taking the best ideas from the variety and the chaos of the fashion world, turning them into high-quality nail polish. SOPHIN helps to set the mood, offering a huge selection of exclusive polish colors: incredible cream enamels, sparkling gloss gel coats, shimmering and adventurous sandy colors, glamorous satins and velvets, playful holographics that glow and sparkle with inner light, glitters, pearls and neons.
Every emotion, every mood and trend, idea and phenomenon can be expressed in color. This is what we offer to you in a phial of our charmingly beautiful high-quality nail polish.

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